A Disciplined Approach to Building Wealth


Will you have enough to live the retirement life you desire? Let one of the professionals on our team work with you to examine what your retirement-planning needs are, determine a strategy and provide the solutions that will help you prepare for your time spent after your career.


Ask one of our Financial Advisors about investment strategies that can help address your important financial objectives, and find out how you can have access to a wide array of investment solutions and services, including structured products, leading portfolio’s and professional teams of money managers. Our team will help you establish short- and long-term goals, implement effective asset-allocation and wealth-building strategies, and regularly review your financial progress with you.

Debt Reduction

Debt can be a financial plans worst enemy. With the resources to offer home financing solutions we believe it’s important to tailor a solution to fit a client’s individual needs. With access to over 30 lenders across Canada putting the right solution in place and getting our clients back on track will positively affect their overall financial strategy.

Estate Planning Services

Explore the many administrative estate-planning services available. Find out how you can pass on your wealth tax-effectively, while benefiting your loved ones and any charities of your choice.

Daily Budgeting

A key factor in achieving your long-term financial goals is your ability to successfully manage your day-to-day spending habits. We understand that you have unique preferences for how you manage your money, however we have found that with a proper budget in place, clients will realize were and how often they spend money. Once clients become more aware of where the money goes, they can make different choices in the allocation of it.

Life Insurance & Living Benefits

Reaching your financial goals involves protecting your assets as well as managing them. At Tri City Financial Group, we recommend a balanced and customized approach to asset and risk management. We will identify potential risks such as, loss of health, property, income or life and develop strategies to protect against each with a full range of high-quality insurance products through our affiliates.

Health and Dental Insurance

If you are not covered under any company insurance plan, there are options for you to cover your health and dental expenses and make sure you are protected in the case of any health issues. Speak with one of the advisors on our team to get more information on the many different options available for you and your family.